Thursday, September 30, 2010

If you are losing hope...My story, by Cindy

This is for anyone out there who is losing hope…

In the fall of 2004 my husband and I received the greatest news that you can imagine. My Doctor said that I was pregnant at the age of 40. On May 16th 2005 our beautiful daughter was born, and we believed that life could not get any better. Then on September 11th 2008, we received the news that every parent dreads. Our daughter was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. Eight days later she was gone.

My husband and I could not accept facing a life without children, so soon after her loss, we began trying to have another baby. I was almost 44, when she passed. We tried on our own for a few months, but I knew our chances were very slim.

We decided to try IVF. Initially, we tried 2 cycles with my own eggs. The second cycle I got pregnant and carried the baby until the second ultrasound at 10 weeks. After having a solid heartbeat 2 weeks earlier, there was no heartbeat to be found on the second.

After that disappointment, we decided to try an egg donor. I became pregnant again, but unfortunately miscarried at 6 weeks.

We only had 2 frozen embryos from the first donor, so we decided to go with another egg donor, as our insurance benefits were about to expire. The second donor produced only 2 embryos, that were not of the best quality. We did 2 frozen transfers, and were not successful either time.

Then we received news from my husband's company that they were changing insurance carriers. This would give us another 4 chances with IVF. We took this as a sign, that perhaps God wanted us to keep trying. So we did…

We hired donor # 3. She was actually an acquaintance of ours. (This, I definitely do not recommend!) On her second blood test which came back the day before retrieval, something showed up in her blood work that forced that cycle to be cancelled.

Then, next there was donor # 4. Believe it or not, the same thing happened again.

After all of this, I am not going to lie, I was very discouraged, but I could not give up. I began to look for a new donor through Heartfelt Egg Donation, LLC. When I saw the donor that we picked, I felt a sense of peace. I don’t know why, but I knew she was the one. Initially, we had looked for someone that looked like me, and she didn’t really, but I knew she was the one.

I will be 7 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and yesterday we found out we are having twins. I know this must read like a horror story, but I guess the moral of my story is that even when things seem impossible, we can not give up hope…

God Bless you on your journey… 

Double congratulations to Cindy and Mike, very special clients of Heartfelt Egg Donation. May your pregnancy continue to be healthy, joyous and full of wonder. I can't thank you enough for sharing your story and for providing encouragement to others. 

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Sharon LaMothe said...

Thank you for sharing this story of encouragement! And congratulations to the Intended Parents! ;-)